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About Us

Brx Oven represents yet another endearing family-owned and operated

neighborhood gathering place brought to you by Ashwani Ahluwalia,

renowned chef-owner of the ever-popular Brx American Bistro. 


This newest culinary venture invites you to savor

and experience globally-inspired pizzas that blend a variety

of unique flavor combinations from around the world.

Our homemade dough starts from Caputo 00 flour,

the finest European winter wheat ground into a fine powder.

Each pizza is adorned with only top-quality ingredients

like fresh Capellini cheese from Italy, Serrano chorizo from Spain,

and farm-raised meats and produce sourced locally. 

The Neapolitan-style pies are then cooked in our specialty brick-fired oven

at a blazing 750°F to create a pleasant char. 

Would you like a glass of beer or a bottle of wine alongside your pizza?


The fun food experience doesn’t end there. This more-than-just-pizza hot spot

serves up make-you-wanna-smile gelato like you’ve never had,

refreshing smoothies that will elevate your taste buds,

sandwiches made fresh daily, a variety of coffee delights, mini specialty desserts,

in-house infused liquors, herb and fruit-based cocktails, plus more.

We are also thrilled to include options for our vegan and gluten-free friends.


Grab a table in our sleek, casual dining space,

sit at the bar and enjoy a cocktail to start,

or dine al-fresco on our outdoor patio.

Brx Oven is that cozy neighborhood eatery

everyone just enjoys coming to with family and friends!

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